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Loire Valley Wines

Red, rosé or white?

The Loire Valley, France’s third most important winemaking region and included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List (from Chalonnes-sur-Loire to Sully-sur-Loire), is a land of balance - between North and South, smooth suavity and crisp freshness, art and literature, tradition and modernity. 
These harmonious blends, furthered by a mild climate and rich terroirs, have brought forth of the most vibrant diversity of wines.

Loire Valley wines are made from more than a dozen different grape varieties and include definitive expressions of Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Melon de Bourgogne and Cabernet Franc, but we will also find excellent Pinot Noir, Gamay and Malbec, as well as little known but delicious Romorantin, Pineau d’Aunis and Grolleau.